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Your Impact

Meet Rosemary

Rosemary felt that her glands were swollen 12 months before her diagnosis. But when measurements were taken, she was assured they were normal, so convinced herself that she was only imagining it.

By the time she was diagnosed, in July 2023, the lymphoma was stage 4.

“I am currently in hospital after receiving a stem cell transplant last week and have just completed 6 months of chemotherapy. I am eternally grateful for the care and treatment I have received and want to give something back. I see STEPS For Lymphoma as a beneficial way of raising awareness, raising much-needed funds and also for regaining the strength I will have lost in my body through treatment.” 

Your Impact

Meet Monika

In early 2023, Monika was diagnosed with a rare form of Lymphoma called Diffuse Follicular Lymphoma.

Monika is keen to get back to living life after a long and challenging year of enduring surgery, radiation, and immune therapy.

She is joining STEPS for Lymphoma to help raise awareness and vital funds to support other patients. 

"I went through a very low point where I grieved for a future I may not have. I have five children and wondered if I’d be there for their weddings, children etc. I felt like my life would never have the same level of happiness or hope again.

I called the lymphoma nurses at Lymphoma Australia, and they ended up being not only a wealth of information but also an amazing emotional support. They were able to explain things and fill in the gaps when needed. I am truly grateful for their support.”

Your Impact

Meet Ty

Ty was diagnosed with Diffuse Large B cell Lymphoma in early March of 2023.

After weeks of chemotherapy and blood transfusions, Ty's latest PET Scan and biopsies show no lymphoma being detected. 

Now in his recovery phase post-chemo; Ty is back in the gym, training and rebuilding his health. Ty is keen to join STEPS For Lymphoma to help raise awareness of the symptoms of lymphoma.

"Looking back, I had all the symptoms of cancer prior to my diagnosis, but I blindly did not recognise them for what they were. Night sweats, lethargy, digestion issues and weight loss.
Being told you have cancer is a hard pill to swallow, but you can’t click your fingers and make it go away. So you've got to fight and I truly believe that mindset is 95% of the battle."

Lymphoma Australia 2023 Impact


New patients referred for support from Lymphoma Australia Nurses.


Patients and carers attended education events or support groups hosted by Lymphoma Australia.


Nurses provided with lymphoma education throughout 2023.


Free resources sent to patients and hospitals.


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