Sully Shakes It Off

STEPS for Lymphoma

We are taking part in STEPS for Lymphoma to celebrate Daniel “Sully” Sullivan’s remission

Lymphoma Australia is the only organisation in Australia dedicated and committed solely to patients and caregivers dealing with lymphoma and CLL. They provided fantastic support to Sully during his lymphoma diagnosis and treatment since September 2023.

This March, alongside a community of like-minded individuals, every step we take as a team contributes to the collective steps for the Lymphoma goal, aiming to complete a loop around Australia. By doing so, we express solidarity with and provide support to Australians facing the challenges of living with Lymphoma.

The extensive journey along the Australian coastline spans a total of 30,400,000 steps. Each step we take this March brings us closer to achieving the overarching goal. We invite you to support us on this journey in any way possible, knowing that your support directly impacts Australians navigating the complexities of Lymphoma.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Pamela Williams


Vin Martin

Brilliant initiative, Daniel and Pam. Best wishes for a strong and long recovery.


Jan T




Marion Petersen


Daniel Keane



Go Sully, so pleased to hear this news. Shake it off!


Sandra Sdraulig

Good on you, Pam and Daniel.


Jan Tennent


Janet Longley

Go Sully!


Kay Peddle

Go Pam and Daniel. Fantastic!


Jennifer Gilbert

A wonderful initiative Daniel. Best wishes for "shaking it off".


Daniel ‘sully’ Sullivan


Julie Boffa



Best wishes to Daniel!



Good luck Dan!


Cathy Wardrope

Best wishes for a much healthier 2024. Great initiative Pam and Daniel


Jonathon Tree

Wishing you all the best in remission and for all others 'shaking it off'


Tara Jalali

Well done to you for being such a great fighter! Hope you can continue being strong, resilient and stay happy and super healthy.


Chris Black

Go Sully and Team 🙌



Well done Daniel and Pam!



Keep on keeping on! Go team Sully


Jo Steinle


Ken Brandt

Congrats and Go Team Sully!


Matt Clare

So glad you are doing well, take care!


Syd Braunfeld


Cake Sullivan


Sonja Bijou