Lily Tomasevic

STEPS for Lymphoma

I'm taking part in Steps for Lymphoma

Lymphoma Australia is the only organisation in Australia dedicated and committed solely to patients and caregivers dealing with lymphoma and CLL.

This March, alongside a community of like-minded individuals, every step I take contributes to the collective steps for the Lymphoma goal, aiming to complete a loop around Australia. By doing so, we express solidarity with and provide support to Australians facing the challenges of living with Lymphoma.

The extensive journey along the Australian coastline spans a total of 30,400,000 steps. Each step I take this March brings us closer to achieving the overarching goal. I invite you to support me on this journey in any way possible, knowing that your support directly impacts Australians navigating the complexities of Lymphoma.

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Novo Nordisk you Rock!

Tuesday 20th Feb
To my work colleagues, you are so generous! You have helped me SMASH my  (third time) revised goal!

 Let’s see if we can raise $2500 for Lymphoma Australia! 

With thanks! 

Can we do more?

Sunday 18th Feb
We did it! We've reached $1000 towards funding to Lymphoma Australia. 
Can we do $1500? 
Im sure we can! 

Up the target! 💚

Tuesday 13th Feb
Thank you once again for your generous contributions.

Within 1 day you have helped me surpass my target of raising $550 for Lymphoma Australia and helping thousands of people living and dealing with this diagnosis with important resources and support! 

I have now UPPED my target to $1000

With thanks 🫶🏼

Thank You!

Monday 12th Feb
Thank you all for your kind donations! Im blown away by your generosity🫶🏼🙏🏼🍀❤️🌸.  

Thank you to my Sponsors


Shelley Crosby



Allanah Flynn

Sending you love and huge hugs Lil! Here if you need anything xo


Gill Condon

What a wonderful human being you are Lily! So glad to support you in your fight against lymphoma ❤️


Amy Kim

Hope you smash your goals, Lily. Best of luck! 🏃🏻‍♀️❤️


Cem Ozenc

What an important cause to raise awareness Lilly - my heart is with you!


Kayla Le

Go Lil!!!


Melissa Jacob

STEP up!


Laura Tavares

Amazing work Lily! We miss you immensely but you keep focusing on you and fight that fight! Happy to walk with with if you ever want some company!!!


Tanya Caro

Each step counts 💪🏻🙌


Samantha Popp

You’re amazing Lily and will beat this step by step xxx


Roland Goco


Sasita Thirugnanaraj

Proud of you Lily x


Cindy King

So proud of you on your brave fight and this is such a great cause. Enjoy the steps!!


Andrew Barton

Thinking of you Lily. Miss you being around the team.


Fiona Cheshire

Good luck sweetheart. Thinking of you!


Mary-ellen Yannakis

So proud of you Lily ❤️ All the best, Mary-Ellen xxxx




Su Ah Choi


Jennifer Williams

Thanks for sharing Lily. Much love Jenny


Jennifer Maree Stokes


Marion Arnott

Wishing you all the best Lilly. Great you're doing fundraising. I hope you can find some therapies that help you actually feel better while you're in the trenches. Sending all my love. xx Marion


Clare Ciardi

Best wishes for you health journey beautiful Lily ❤️❤️


Marica Skoric

You will do this easily Lily. Such an inspiration. I think you might need another pair of sneakers or more by the end if March.


Sundar Choudhary Nosa

You’ve got this Lily! Thinking of you and well done for raising awareness of such an important cause.


Belinda Winter

You’ve got this Lily! Big hugs to you and your amazing fundraising!


Amanda Silva

Always here cheering you on Lil! Xx


Rowan O’brien

Go for it, beautiful ‘Lil!


Guy Murray

Dear Lily, All the best with your challenge - you will smash your goal. Hope everything is going well with your treatment. We are thinking of you. Lots of love, Guy & Sharyn


Michelle Dockary (tilley)


Tracy Mellor

You’re an amazing human and I love you x


Elie Antoun

Best wishes Lily. Great initiative!


Desh & Kirk Schroter

A great initiative Lily! Hope you smash your goal and wishing all the very best


Lily Tomasevic