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Lymphoma Australia is the only organisation in Australia dedicated and committed solely to patients and caregivers dealing with lymphoma and CLL.

This March, alongside a community of like-minded individuals, every step I take contributes to the collective steps for the Lymphoma goal, aiming to complete a loop around Australia. By doing so, we express solidarity with and provide support to Australians facing the challenges of living with Lymphoma.

The extensive journey along the Australian coastline spans a total of 30,400,000 steps. Each step I take this March brings us closer to achieving the overarching goal. I invite you to support me on this journey in any way possible, knowing that your support directly impacts Australians navigating the complexities of Lymphoma.

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Technical difficulties

Friday 16th Feb
Hi all. Just to let you know I've been experiencing technical difficulties in uploading/ adding fitness activity. This is where you select date, activity (walking), steps, km and time in minutes. It is not allowing the submission since 13/02. I want youbto know I havent slacked off! So here are my total steps for walks for these last few days:

13/02  8245
14/02  10683
15/02  8465
16/02  8898

(I have sent them an email to alert them to this issue)

Only $50 away from my target!

Wednesday 14th Feb
I started with a target of raising $350 but when that had been surpassed, I reset it to $500. Now we're nearly there, only $50 more to go! With your help I know we can quickly reach it. Donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible in Australia. Donations in all different amounts are most welcomed: $2, $5, $10, $20 etc. 

Your continued support of positive thoughts, messages and prayers are also most welcomed. 

I continue striving to surpass my set step goal of 7500 steps per day and aim to do my best to increase my km achieved during the 'real deal' in March. Watch this space. ☺️

Happy Valentine's Day to one and all.♥️


Saturday 3rd Feb
Wow! I am so humbled that you all have helped me to not only achieve my set fundraising goal, but now surpass it! As a result I am going to reset it to a $500 target! Let's all reach that together. 🙏🎉🎉

It's going to be a very hot day tomorrow here in Sydney area at 37 C (nearly 99 F)! So I am Lanning to get out earlier for first walk of the day. However later on I will probably have to resort to doing laps of my house and add in some walking videos or similar activities to maintain km and step count. 

Wherever you are please stay safe and well. Keep cool and well hydrated (unless in cold climates, then stay warm and dry! ☺️♥️)

Thank you all again so much for your support!.

Welcome to my fundraising page!

Friday 2nd Feb
Hi! If you don't already know me, my name is Marti. I have decided to join Steps for Lymphoma in raising money and awareness mainly because my husband has been and currently is suffering from lymphoma. We also have several friends also affected by this disease. In addition I thought it would be a great motivation to increase my daily steps, walking distance and fitness. 

Since I use forearm crutches to mobilise (from injuries and medical condition) I do walk very slowly and usually parcel walks into 2-4 lots a day. But I always go by the mantra 'Just keep moving!' Every little bit is still moving forward. 

I do appreciate all of your support. All donations are very welcome, every little amount adds up. And all of your positive thoughts and moral and spiritual support are also very much appreciated as well. ♥️☺️

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Our prayers are with you.


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You got this Mumma! 💖





Good luck




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Very proud of your work!


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We are just here at your back Mum. Sending prayers, thoughts and hugs. Xoxo


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Great cause, great effort Marti




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