Renee Sequeira

STEPS for Lymphoma

I'm taking part in Steps for Lymphoma

Lymphoma Australia is the only organisation in Australia dedicated and committed solely to patients and caregivers dealing with lymphoma and CLL.

This March, alongside a community of like-minded individuals, every step I take contributes to the collective steps for the Lymphoma goal, aiming to complete a loop around Australia. By doing so, we express solidarity with and provide support to Australians facing the challenges of living with Lymphoma.

I'm stepping for my sister Simone, who was diagnosed with Stage IV Nodular Schlorising Hodgkin's Lymphoma late last year. From the outset, Lymphoma Australia has provided Simone and my family with amazing resources and support during Simone's treatment. 

I invite you to support my team, including Simone, who with her incredible spirit is stepping for Lymphoma whilst undergoing treatment and through recovery - she is my inspiration to reach my steps goal. Your support by any means will directly impact Australians navigating the complexities of Lymphoma.

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James P

Go Renee. Keep on walkin


Emily Woodham


Leon Wu



Sabrina Ciancio





Let's goooo!!


Rae Giles

Thoughts and prayers with you Simone


Simone Sequeira

Big thank you Ren, from the bottom of my heart, for stepping up with me this March for this very important cause! The many walks, support, and encouragement have kept up my spirits throughout this challenge!


John Psaltis


Christine Sequeira

Thank you for always supporting Simone and stepping up for her fundraising efforts for Lymphoma Australia this March! 💚


Kara Jones


Stephanie Conway

Amazing - cheering you all on! Hope you continue to get stronger each day Simone.


Olivia Whittenbury

Nothing can stop the Sequiras ❤️


Renee Sequeira