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STEPS for Lymphoma

I'm taking part in Steps for Lymphoma this March!

Lymphoma Australia is the only organisation in Australia dedicated and committed solely to patients and caregivers dealing with lymphoma and CLL.

This March, alongside a community of like-minded individuals, every step I take contributes to the collective steps for the Lymphoma goal, aiming to complete a loop around Australia (span of 30,400,000 steps)! By doing so, we express solidarity with and provide support to Australians facing the challenges of living and being touched with Lymphoma, just like myself. 

Steps for Lymphoma rolls round just as I finish up my 4th and final chemotherapy cycle for Stage IV Nodular Schlorising Hodgkins Lymphoma. Lymphoma Australia have been with me from the day dot of diagnosis giving amazing external support and resources for us patients and our families during treatment. Although my stepping goals will be a little humbler in their numbers as my stamina picks up, I vow to use each step this March as a motivator to reflect with gratitude, share fighting facts and keep spreading the word of hope for lymphoma community. 

I invite you to support my team and I by donating and/or joining us in your very own stepping challenge this month to help raise essential funds for Lymphoma Australia. I hope others can continue to receive same amazing access to info about their subtypes, receive care packs and have the support of Lymphoma Care Nurses behind them just like I have. It has meant the world to me to feel empowered and well supported by the lymphoma community during this battle towards remission. 

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Sunday 31st Mar
🌿FIGHTING FACTS by the numbers🌿
- 34,313,333+ steps have been logged by 265 steppers and 30 teams, completing a symbolic lap around Australia, in solidarity with and supporting those with Lymphoma!
- Over $86,850 has been raised to go towards Lymphoma Australia's providing education, support, awareness and advocacy initiatives for Australians touched by lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)!
- Thanks to our 68 generous sponsors, Sim's Southside Stars, have raised over $4990 of which $2700 was contributed by you, my dear friends!
-Surpassed my target by 20,461 steps!
What a monumental March it has certainly been! I can safely say we have smashed this Steps for Lymphoma and stats say it all! There is still time till midnight to contribute to this cause so very close to my heart @ . I've been forever humbled by the overwhelming compassion, support, and generous donations. Also, without my amazing fam bam team, this would have not been possible! Cannot thank you all enough for being my cheerleaders!
Although my body & mind are quite fatigued at this present moment, my spirit been shaken for the better. This challenge came up at the most crucial of crossroads life has thrown my way. Words of a friend, coming to me as a lymphoma surviour, have rang true with me about post-cancer life, with him saying earlier this year, "some people realise they despise life and give up the fight, and others realise they love it and double down". That's what he did and I, too, have come to the same understanding. It's a cliche and a half, but this cancer journey has opened healing for my broken psyche and past traumas. There is new mettle in my walk, ready to embrace surviourship; a term, this time last year, I would have never dreamed I'd ever entertain. Tackling adversity through Radical Acceptance (dbt philosophy worth diving into) does work and make us stronger. I'm now working on celebrating the abundance around me daily, learning the value in taking rest, and forgiving my past mistakes. There will always be downs to battle but the ups are worth holding on in this one precious life we all share xo

Owe it all to my stars!

Wednesday 27th Mar
It is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars.
This past week has I've been overwhelmed with all the feelings and have needed to lay low with my beautiful family soaking everything in. Last Wednesday, I was delivered the delightful news that I am officially in remission. It was a moment of euphoria, that I must admit, was followed by feeling of numbness with the questions of 'what now'. But I decided to draw upon the lessons from many years of therapy has armoured me with - to diffuse these emotions to proccess later with practicing some gratitude and making sure not to ruin a milestone moment with fear of the unknown. This was task timed perfectly for the upcoming family holiday the following day. How fortunate was I to be given the all clear in time for a much needed seachange, where I could get my steps up without a mask on in public, dip into the ocean and soak in memories with my loved ones.
Every morning of the trip, I was up by 5, hanging out not to miss the sun peak out of the horizon across the shore. This holiday habit along many other times during the stay away, gave rise to reoccuring subject of reflection; I have been incredibly fortunate to have had such an enoromous tribe lifting me up though this cancer journey. In one of my biggest moment's of vulnerability, I had such a dedicated medical team including my incredible haematologist-oncologist and nursing staff, allied health and food staff, and social workers of whom went above and beyond to provide me comfort and support throughout my hospital stays. Lymphoma Australia's retractable id badge holders were worn by all the onc staff. There was a sense being reminded that I wasn't alone in the fight. The organisations resources have helped educate nurses and the allied health staff with best tools to understand lymphoma.
Also, there are many others that I owe my recovery to....
my formal NDIS supports alongside my art therapist have given me distraction. My amazing friends and extended family have always been checking up on me and keeping my spirits up. But I do have to give massive cheers to my Mum, Dad and two brilliant sisters, Renee and Zoe, for pouring all their love and energies into holding me every minute of the whole journey. Without them, I don't know I would have the strength to face this battle without literally loosing my marbles. Families are the ones that prop you up by feeding and cleaning up after you, ferrying you up and down to appointments, being by your side for all your blood tests and taking hospital shifts to just keeping you company while you curl up with cramps on the couch. Their efforts have been endless and continue to be.
Cannot thank everyone enough who has touched me in some way during this battle. All of you too here, that have donated and supported me through my fundraising journey this March. My tribe have been my stars guiding me through the dark. How truly blessed am I!
Happy to also report I smashed some goals on the holidays racking up my steps on day to nearly 9k! I've just started a light exercise program at the hospital too that taking me for a ride but it's all well worth it. We've got only a few days left of this month to end #stepsforlymphoma with a bang. So if you haven't done so already, check out my fundraising page to learn a bit more about Lymphoma and to donate if you can! Every dollar counts in support Lymphoma Australia continue their amazing support for patients, nurses and the community affected by this cancer that touches so many lives every year in Australia.

A little update!

Sunday 17th Mar
I've had a busy week and just not been in the mindset to post lately. A couple of days of low steps due to PET scan prep and post contrast reactions got me a bit down. But by Friday I was itching to get moving again, so between going to early vote and heading to do some groceries for the first time since late November, I had hit well over my goal with 6k+ steps! I also got to have some mindful time away from home dog-sitting my best friends' three fur babies. They have kept me on my toes with play time and indulged me company for many naps. This evening, I walked down to the local park which I was paid for with a decent accent back home. Even though there were lots of pitstops and puffing it was worth it. Well on my way to hitting 5k+ today!
Awesome news to also report with your amazing help, I've crossed my fundraising goal, and our team has hit over $2500 in our fundraising quest for Lymphoma Australia. Can we beat our target in the week to come? Every dollar counts in making a collective impact in funding precious resources and lymphoma care nurses for lymphoma patients requiring much needed support. Thank you for all your tremendous words of encouragement and love as well. Really does keep my spirits for this challenge and hope strong for the road for recovery ahead!

There's strength in getting going for a checkup!

Sunday 17th Mar

Lymphoma symptoms can be similar to other illnesses, such as the flu or even Covid-19. The most common symptom is painless swelling in the lymph nodes, but many others include itching, recurrent fevers, weight loss, breathlessness & coughing, night sweats, and fatigue.

By no means am I posting these facts to alarm people, just sometimes that raising awareness can be an uncomfortable reminder about the realities that could touch our lives or the ones we love. I always think to be informed is to be empowered.

Thanks to both Dad and Mum, I was convinced to present to QEII's ER in late Novemer after having severe chest pain over a few days. Late in the night I was told that a 17cm mass in my chest was likely to be maligant and most likely Hodgkin's Lymphoma. My world in a second was flipped. And then a wave of relief came over me. The catalyst to this lacklustre year that I had been working so hard to brush off was. I had have all the symptoms with massive stratches all over my legs, soaking my sheets in sweat each night along side a tremendously painful shoulder, plaguing me since Jan, I had decided was merely a product of stress and some long linocarving sessions.

I was fortunate enough to have my case picked up by this incredible, progressive haematologist-oncologist practicing out of the PA and Greenslopes. After all the diagnostic scans and surgery, it was found that I had Stage IV NSHL, having the cancer metastasise outside lymphatic system. There is no point of regretting the past, but if I had listened to my family's reminder's of getting checked out sooner, I may have had to have to experience a less aggressive form of chemo treatment and could have avoided extra months of pain letting the cancer fester. Big lesson from this is if you're ever feeling odd, super sluggish and experiencing weird symptoms with your body for a long period of time there is absolutely no harm or weakness in heading to the GP for a quick checkup. Might save you from a world of worry and/or mitigate a pre- existing condition from progressing.

How will your $60 make a difference?

Tuesday 12th Mar
Lymphoma Australia has designed a specific treatment support kit for younger people to help manage some of the common side effects of treatment. $60 will provide one Patient Treatment Support Kit to help a newly diagnosed patient.

I was fortunate enough to be gifted one of these incredible support kits within less that a week of my diagnosis. It arrived well in time for my first chemotherapy cycle in hospital and was a godsend! The toiletry bag with all lotions, bottle, and sleeping mask that made infusions bearable, wear all essentials packed in my suitcase for all my hosptial stays. Its truly the small things at the hardest of times that bring little joys in our days and this was certainly one that I've treasured!

Massive shout out again to many our donours, you my dear family and friends, we've been able to raise over $2000! That's 33 more kits to add to the already 1100 kits Lymphoma Australia have posted out to newly diagnosed young patients. If you'd like to help raise this total even higher and brighten a dark period for someone in pain....please donate at my team's page

Today, I really had to will myself to leave the house after some extreme fatigue of some big days had caught up to me. But after a massive nap, managed to walk for the second time the new lap I've added to my #stepsforlymphoma reportoire, including a hill stretch that I've never been fond of! The immense support from you all has truly been very humbling and giving me immense motivation to keep a positive mindset for the rest of the challenge🙏🏾

💚 Sim

Out with this champ!

Tuesday 12th Mar
🌿 FIGHTING FACT No.1 🌿 Lymphoma is the most common cancer in adolescents and young adults(16-29 year group), the 3rd most common in children less than 14 years, and the 6th most common cancer of all people of all ages Owe you all a long overdue #stepsforlymphoma challenge update! Got a fresh new blog post to catch up on @ Massive thanks to all that have already generously donated! My heart is full of gratitude knowing I've been able to nearly hit my $1000 goal and our team reaching its half way fundraising aspirations for Lymphoma Australia this early in the challenge. There's still plenty of time to donate and/or join our team @ this March. Rest assured, I've done my best to keep my promise of stepping out daily and keeping active through the day to reaching my 4000+ step goal for the challenge. Big cheers to Mum, my mate, Matt, and grandma for all individually keeping me company this week on my adventures. Nana, who turns 91 this 2024, jumped at the opportunity this afternoon to accompany me on my challenge afternoon walk down the road with her walker in toe! What a trooper! 💚 Sim

Conquered the hill!

Tuesday 12th Mar
Shout out to my walking pal Darcy!

A third of the way through!

Sunday 10th Mar
Long overdue post...and boy, what a week it has been! Let's say carefree, steroid pumped Simone of weeks gone past did not anticipate getting hit with a new wave of post chemo fatigue just as she was embarking on a fitness fundraising challenge. All is well though; I've just had to adjust my expectations and place realistic goals for the starting steps of this new recovery journey.  Nausea, periphal neuropathy and brain foggy are very much dominating my days again which has forced me to practice more purposeful positive affirming. Also, I cannot express how much motivation everyone's generous donations have given me! Nearly hit my $1000, a third way in and cannot thank you all enough.
I can proudly report that mindset has helped me hit my targets for the week all for but one day. Daily goals of getting out of the house for a  walk and banking 4000+steps was  each day was managable. I've been lucky gal having Mum and grandma, Nana, and best mate, Matt, all individually accompany for an outing each. 
I've also adopted a new self-soothing, bedtime mediation routine which has worked wonders for grounding my tired body, mind and spirit. Highly recommendly trying out a guided meditation whilst lying on an acupressure mat for 20mins. It has forced me to break away nasty pre-sleep screentime habit that has my mind still usually buzzing.

So folks, here's to another positive third of challenge ahead.  I'll be upping my daily goal to 5000 steps a day and aiming for some more regular blogging as my strength returns. This might entail adding another block to my street walk, calling some mates for a outdoor catchup or even just taking a few more trips up and down the staircase getting some cleaning down. Every movement counts and is one step closer for #stepsforlympoma kicking it out of the park this March. Hope myself, our team and the rest of the lymphoma community is giving you inspo in adding in some more activity into your daily routine ensuring you give your wellbeing some much needed love!

Jelly legging it into Day 5!

Tuesday 5th Mar
Gotta be frank, life threw me some lemons towards the end of last year and I just had to suck on some tasty chemo and steroids to get on juicing. Good thing is I love lemonade and it's been my decade long secret to concequring nausea! 
Sour jokes aside, I've got plaletets levels are on the up, I'm keen to grab hold of a new fire in my belly and ready to ignite my journey to surviouship stepping up for lymphoma alongside my family members this March!

I must admit, I'm not a confident blogger but I'm going to do my best this month to share abit about my relationship with Australia's most common cancer in young people. It's been a whirlwind affair after getting diagnosis end of November with Stage IV Nodular Schlorising Hodgkins Lymphoma. She's definteley taken me for a ride and a half but I've learnt I can endure a lot and more with embracing naps and practicing gratitude. Gonna try to deliver some stories about all the amazing health supporters like Lymphoma Australia and onc nurses to chemo brain fart moments my doting family are dealing with on the daily!

Today is a bit of a milestone moment for me as today rounds up the last day of meds for my escalated-BEACOPP treatment protocol I've been undertaking since my diagnosis in November. Saying good bye to chemo and steroids for now yay! 
This morning I got some washing done, little light cleaning in the house and plan to walk down the street with Darcy, our darling doggie, to the end and back in the hour ahead! The mind is willing but I have to remember I'm not out of the woods physically yet and take it slowly for the week ahead :)

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It’s amazing how you’re facing your challenges and turning your pain into purpose Sim. Thank you for sharing some of your journey with us! You’ve always been an incredibly beautiful soul 🤍


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Simone you are a courageous and amazing lady, with a very special family behind you all the way. It has been nice sharing time with you and your dad at stamp shows over the years, and I am sure you will be back again before too long. Very best wishes and stay strong. Tony x


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Simone I have the utmost admiration for this after you've been delt some hectic as wild cards. I really appreciated your kindness when we crossed paths and am forever impressed at the creative and technical skill set combo you have. Kia Kaha.



Your have always been inspirational and continue to be even in the difficult times. All the very best Simone. I’ve got health problems going on too that I’m trying to get to the bottom of.


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I know this is not much but I hope that it can contribute to the cause and your own journey and healing! You kicked cancers ass (like we knew you would!) and I’m so proud of your next journey! Go Sim! 💖xx